Learn How To Remove Angle Grinder Disc – Expert Tips

Can’t you remove the angle grinder? Are you new? Removing or installing the angle grinder can be confusing for beginners. This task does not require much knowledge, as it takes a few seconds to complete it with a tool for removing rectangular grinding wheels.

Depending on the tool you have, there are different ways to remove the grinding wheel from the grinder. One of the simplest ways to remove the disc from an angle grinder is to use an open-end wrench provided by the manufacturer.

However, if you bought an angle grinder from a friend and not a key, this is not the end of the line for you. As an alternative to , there are other ways to remove the angle grinder without tools. So, what do you want? Calm down! Calm down! In this article we give you everything you need to know.

To remove the disc from the angle grinder

What you need is.

  • Screwdriver
  • New drive
  • Replacement pins
  • Klem
  • Factory keys
  • Hammer

How to remove a grinding wheel, step by step

Step 1. Turn off the power

The safety of the angle grinder is an integral aspect that must be observed at all times. Your safety is our first priority. Before you think about removing the angle grinder, unplug it from the wall socket.

With angle grinders with cable, less effort is required and it is convenient to remove the plug from the socket. How about a wireless angle grinder? It is recommended to remove the battery when using this tool.

The lack of a battery also makes the tool lighter and easier to use when changing from a angle grinder to a blade.

Step #2 Use a factory key to remove the disk.

When purchasing a new angle grinder, two keys are supplied. One wrench looks like a long fork, while the other looks like a normal wrench.

These two tools for disassembling angle grinders will be very important in this process. So, how do you use keys?

First, the two holes between the angle grinder and the disc must be identified. Then insert the pins. Then use a wrench with an angle grinder to attach the bolt to the underside of the disc.

To prevent the disc from rotating, use a key to turn a key in the opposite direction to the arrow on the disc. Finally, turn the angle grinder with the glued nut until the disc comes out of the grinder.

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Step #3 Ejecting the disc using improvised keys

To operate the bolt, make sure that the vice is firmly attached to the bolt held in the washer. A faulty pliers keeps the drive in the correct position and prevents rotation of the drive.

This process seems laborious, but simple enough. Then use a screwdriver and insert it into one of the holes between the angle grinder and the disc. Then pull the screwdriver in the opposite direction to the arrow disk.

At this point, the disk should be loose. However, if the disc cannot be loosened, you can use a hammer to turn the screwdriver with force.

Step 4. Eject the disk and install a new .

Once the disc is detached, you can easily remove it with your hands. Place a new washer on the drive bolt using the same technique as described above. Put it right, just like the old one. It is very important to use the right disc for a particular angle grinder.

If you are not sure, you can always take your old disk to the store to get the right disk for your shredder. Finally, manually tighten the disc in the opposite direction from the direction in which the previous or old disc was removed.



Ejection of tool-free discs

When grinding, cutting or polishing, clogging may occur if the discs are worn. The situation may get worse if you do not have a tool to remove the angle grinder to help you change the discs.

However, this does not mean that the work is finished. You can always change rims and wheels without tools. How? I suppose that’s what you’re going to be wondering.

Ok, no more worries, I’ll show you a simple method on how to remove the disc angle grinder without thetool. Your hands will be enough to fix it. First move your palm against the direction of the arrow on the washer to release the nut sufficiently.

After loosening the nut, you can now easily remove the washer with your fingers. Sounds easy. Isn’t that so? Probably a big one of you.

But if everything else fails. To facilitate access to the drive bolt and fixing nut, a pair of pliers can always be used to break an old disc. This should be the last resort if all other methods have failed.

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