How to Grind Concrete With an Angle Grinder?

Do you ever wonder how to grind concrete? If you have a small home construction project, you probably don’t need to know how to grind concrete, but for those of you who are serious about your home-based business, you might find it helpful to learn how to grind concrete. The process of how to grind concrete is the same whether you’re doing it on your own or you’re doing it for a business. All you need is a little know-how and the right tools. Read on to find out more about this process and how to grind concrete with an angle grinder.

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What is an Angle Grinder?

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The angle grinder is one of the most important tools you can have when doing a large-scale project like grinding concrete. It is also one of the most expensive. But, don’t let the price of admission scare you off. The angle grinder is more than worth its weight in gold when it comes to doing concrete. Whether you’re doing a small bathroom vanity, an 8’x4’ deck, or a 20’x15’ parking garage, the angle grinder can help you get the job done perfectly.

What Is the Best Angle Grinder for Concrete?

When it comes to the best angle grinder for concrete, there are a few factors that are worth considering. Power – The power of your angle grinder will largely determine the outcome of your project. If you’re planning on doing residential projects, you may want to look at angle grinder companies with a lot of experience. Weight – The weight of your angle grinder will also factor into your decision. The lighter the machine, the easier it will be to move around. This will also help with dust collection and prevent damage to your wall outlets and tools. Build – The build of your machine will determine how easy it will be to maintain and repair. The heavier the machine, the less likely it will need maintenance.

Types of Angle Grinders for Concrete

There are basically 3 types of angle grinders for concrete. The first is the hand-held grinder, also called an impact driver. These are the least expensive angle grinders and are often found in Low-End impact drivers. Handheld angle grinders have limited power, are heavy, and require regular maintenance. The second type of angle grinder is the portable, or handheld, grinder. These have the most power and are light enough to move around and be used anywhere. Portable angle grinders are often wall-mounted and have a longer life than handheld grinders because they’re easier to maintain. The third type of angle grinder is the belt-driven grinder. These are the most powerful grinders and are connected to a machine skid that allows you to walk around and do your concrete grinding. These are usually found in High-End machines.

Tools You Need to Grind Concrete

The necessity of suitable tools cannot be denied. If you get the right sort of tools, you can do any job perfectly. So what are the tools you need to grind concrete? Here comes a shortlist:

Angle Grinder:  Needless to say, an angle grinder is the most important tool for grinding concrete, for making it smooth or sharp or whatsoever. The diameter of the grinder blade should be medium-sized. Anywhere between 4 inches angle grinder to 7 inches angle grinder is a good choice. But 4.5 inches angle grinder or 7 inches angle grinder is preferable.

Dust Shroud:  Usually, a dust shroud is attached to a grinder to effectively remove harmful dust. While grinding concrete, some dust may fly in the air and cause unwanted problems. For this reason, a dust shroud is a gem in grinding.

Diamond Polishing Pad:  As you can derive from the name, this tool’s primary goal is to polish and make objects smooth. A diamond polishing pad is a handy tool specially designed for delicate smoothness.

Safety Equipment:  Safety first should be our first priority when you are dealing with such a powerful tool. For safety measurements, you must have goggles, protective clothing, and a suitable mask. Earplugs and knee pads are also crucial for safety.  Apart from these, vacuum cleaners, mops, or similar tools will be essential for cleaning.

We are done with the tools now. Let’s discuss the process buddy!!

How to Grind Concrete with an Angle Grinder

First, let’s start by looking at the different types of grinders that are available on the market. There are many different types of grinders, so it’s important to understand which type you need before you start your grinder quest. The most popular type of grinder on the market today is the hand-held machine. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to use. These machines are perfect for home use, but they’re also very effective when you’re doing large-scale commercial work. If you’re not sure which grinder to use for your concrete project, it’s a good idea to look at the features of popular grinders. This will help you determine which type of grinder would be best for your project. You can also use the search box near the top of this page to find more specific information about any specific grinder.

Step 01: Wearing Protective Equipment

angle grinder safety tips

The first thing you’ll need to do when using an angle grinder is to wear protective equipment. There are many different types of protection you can wear, but the most common is a dust mask and a hard hat. Both of these pieces of equipment will help keep you safe while you’re working in the garage, basement, or other confined space. If you’re planning on making many passes with your grinder, you might want to consider wearing a headset while you grind. These types of equipment allow you to remain focused on your project without worrying about getting in too much danger. If you’re planning on doing a lot of concrete grinding, you may want to invest in a concrete grinder with an automatic shut off feature. This way, you won’t have to worry about running the machine and spilling concrete all over yourself or your surroundings. If you do this often, it can become a repetitive motion injury, which can lead to arthritis. In this case, an automatic shut off feature can help prevent this type of damage.

Step 02: Cleaning the floor Before Start Grinding Concrete

The next thing you’ll need to do before you even begin to grind concrete is to clean the floor. This is a very important step, as harmful bacteria and debris can be left behind when you use a power tool. First, use a utility knife to roughly remove the old concrete from around the pipe and around the base of the joist. Once the concrete is gone, you can use a wire brush to get inside the pipe and around the joist. Make sure to clean the walls and ceiling as well, as this is where cobwebs, dust, and other debris can build up and make your life as a concrete grinder uncomfortable and unsafe. Next, use a grinder to rough up the fine particulates in the concrete. This can be done by either hand or using a wheeled machine. This will help remove any unwanted deposits from the machine and ready the concrete for grinding.

Step 03: Preparing the Grinder

Now that you’ve cleaned the floor and prepared the concrete for grinding, it’s time to get down to business. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn on the electricity to your angle grinder to get it ready for operation. Next, set up your equipment with the right tool for the job. On a concrete job, you’ll usually want to use an Angle Grinder rather than a Concrete Grinder. This is because an Angle Grinder is more accurate than Concrete Grinder and can produce smooth, square blocks of concrete, while Concrete Grinder is only capable of producing short, relatively coarse blades. A good rule of thumb is to use the wheel of your grinder as the Miter gauge. This will help you avoid mistakes that can mess up your block of concrete.

Step 04. Grinding The Concrete Surface

Now that you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to storm the concrete and make some quality time in the garage or basement. First, set up your angle grinder to produce a straight cut. The back of the grinder should be facing you while you’re working, with the leads coming out the front of the machine. For best results, pre-grind the concrete to test its consistency. After you’ve pre-grinded the concrete, clean the machine with a damp rag to remove any excess concrete dust. This will help the machine run smoother and prevent any damage to the finish of your concrete.

Step 05: Final Steps

Now that your concrete is ready to be cut, it’s time to make your mark. To finish your concrete project, it’s best to leave it a little bit moist so that the concrete will harden properly. Moist concrete does not have the necessary volume to cure properly, so it’s less durable and will require more maintenance. Once you’ve finished your project, it’s time to seal it up and take care of some routine maintenance. This includes checking and updating your OSHA training, making sure your equipment is in good working order, and checking your work to make sure it meets current safety codes. This completes our guide on how to grind concrete with an angle grinder. We hope this information was helpful, and you’ll now be able to complete your concrete grinder project with ease.

Things to Remember 

  • We all know the phrase safety first. Never start working without wearing goggles, masks, noncombustible clothes, or earplugs. Wearing gloves is also encouraged to protect hands.
  • Have a firm grip while grinding. A loose grip can lead to unwanted consequences. Hold the angle grinder with two hands.
  • Remove any combustible materials around the grinding place as the sparks can cause a fire. Don’t wear flammable clothes either.
  • Plug the grinder only when you are ready to grind. Carefully unplug from the power source once the grinding is done.
  • If the grinder is a brand new one, you had better test it somewhere before concrete grinding. It will give you an idea about the machine’s capability and pressure.
  • Keep people away from grinding work, especially the children. They are curious and they are prone to hurting themselves.


Amidst various handy tools, an angle grinder is one of the best concrete grinding machines that you can rely on to smooth an edge or to cut a solid object.  And now you are well aware of the grinding process. Therefore you don’t have to ask anyone how to grind concrete with an angle grinder further.

One thing you should bear in mind here. The grinding process depends mostly on blade quality and the skill of the person who grinds. So you should have quality blades along with your dexterity to get perfect fruits.

We leave you there. Have a good grinding day buddy!!

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