How to Grind Concrete With an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is an exceptional DIY tool that can perform versatile tasks beginning from polishing concrete and floor to cutting various solid objects. 

Still many people often ask how to grind concrete with an angle grinder, for they don’t have a clear concept about a grinder’s utility and capacity

If you are among such folks, this simple step-by-step guide can give you a clear overview. After you read this article, you shall find the process an easy-breezy task, something that you can do yourself. 

So let’s know the concrete grinding process using an angle grinder.

Tools You Need to Grind Concrete

The necessity of suitable tools cannot be denied. If you get the right sort of tools, you can do any job perfectly. So what are the tools you need to grind concrete? Here comes a shortlist:

Angle Grinder: 

Needless to say, an angle grinder is the most important tool for grinding concrete, for making it smooth or sharp or whatsoever. The diameter of the grinder blade should be medium-sized. Anywhere between 4 inches to 7 inches is a good choice. But 4.5 inches angle grinder or 7 inches angle grinder is more preferable.

Dust Shroud: 

Usually, a dust shroud is attached to a grinder for effectively removing harmful dust. While grinding concrete, some dust may fly in the air and cause unwanted problems. For this reason, a dust shroud is a gem in grinding.

Diamond Polishing Pad: 

As you can derive from the name, this tool’s primary goal is to polish and make objects smooth. A diamond polishing pad is a handy tool specially designed for delicate smoothness.

Safety Equipment: 

Safety first should be our motto. For safety measurements, you must have goggles, protective clothing, and a suitable mask. Earplugs and knee pads are also crucial for safety.  Apart from these, vacuum cleaners, mops, or similar tools will be essential for cleaning.

We are done with the tools now. Let’s discuss the process buddy!!

How to Grind Concrete with an Angle Grinder? 

As you have gathered the necessary equipment, you can now begin to do some real jobs. Let’s know the process step by step.

Step 01: Wearing Protective Equipment 

Protection should be your foremost priority. Therefore, you must have goggles on while working. Clothes should be of noncombustible materials. 

Mask is a mandatory piece of cloth to avoid floating dust entering your mouth and nose. It is better if you wear hand gloves as well to protect your hands.

Step 02: Cleaning the floor

Before starting grinding, first, you need to clean the floor or the concrete on which you are gonna grind. You do this simply by using a broom or similar objects. It is better if you can deal with greasy substances and stains beforehand.

Moreover, using a vacuum cleaner or even a pressure washer is also a good option to remove unwilling stains or dust from concrete. Thoroughly clean the floors, so that the grinder doesn’t get stuck anywhere in the process.

Step 03: Preparing the Grinder

A dust shroud can reduce the amount of dust produced by grinding. Check whether the dust shroud is properly attached or not. 

Then you should divide the floor into a few subsections to get a better idea about where to start and where to finish from. It also saves time contrary to the random works.

Make sure you haven’t connected the grinder to electricity yet. Since we have gathered a diamond polishing pad before, we have to attach it to the grinder now. You can use a similar pad as well.

Step 4: Grinding Concrete

Voilà, here we gotta go. Connect the grinder with a power source. Firmly hold the grinder with two hands to get a better grip. Now start grinding from one corner or from the position you find suitable.

Don’t be in haste while grinding. Take enough time to grind a particular concrete. If necessary, smooth any sharp edge or polish any hard area. Complete the grinding and unplug the machine.

Step 5: Checking any flaws 

Now you need to check how the work is done. Find out if there is any concrete with imperfect grinding. If found, grind that one or that particular part again.

To do so, however, you need to detach the dust shroud. Without removing the grinder won’t get necessary contact with the concrete.

Step 06: Finishing 

Now we are at the ending point. You should clear up the whole thing with a vacuum cleaner or with a mop. Clean any dusty substance or any stains on the concrete.

Finally, we have done the grinding. But there are some important points that you must remember. What are they you may ask? They are discussed hereafter.

Things to Remember 

  • We all know the phrase safety first. Never start working without wearing goggles, masks, noncombustible clothes, earplugs. Wearing gloves is also encouraged to protect hands.
  • Have a firm grip while grinding. A loose grip can lead to unwanted consequences. Hold the angle grinder with two hands.
  • Remove any combustible materials around the grinding place as the sparks can cause a fire. Don’t wear flammable clothes either.
  • Plug the grinder only when you are ready to grind. Carefully unplug from the power source once the grinding is done.
  • If the grinder is a brand new one, you had better test it somewhere before concrete grinding. It will give you an idea about the machine’s capability and pressure.
  • Keep people away from grinding works especially the children. They are curious and they are prone to hurting themselves.


Amidst various handy tools, an angle grinder is one of the best concrete grinding machines that you can rely on to smooth an edge or to cut a solid object. 

And now you are well aware of the grinding process. Therefore you don’t have to ask anyone how to grind concrete with an angle grinder further.

One thing you should bear in mind here. The grinding process depends mostly on blade quality and the skill of the person who grinds. So you should have quality blades along with your dexterity to get perfect fruits.

We leave you there. Have a good grinding day buddy!!

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