Top 5 Best Straight Grinders Reviewed for 2020

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable grinder that will do the job quickly and easily, the best option may be a straight grinder. Straight grinders are less expensive and more compact than electric grinders, making them a good option for small spaces or those who want to use their grinder in multiple locations. They also have faster-grinding speeds, which means they’ll be able to grind more coffee beans in less time.

However, Finding the best straight grinder for you can be a tough task, given the number of options and brands out there, such as Neiko, Milwaukee, Wal front, Ingersoll-Rand, and AirCat. But don’t worry, we can help! Here are our recommendations for the best straight grinder.

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  1. The Metabo GE 710 Compact straight grinder
  2. The Bosch Professional GGS 28 C straight grinder
  3. The Bosch Ggs 18 V-li Professional Solo cordless straight grinder
  4. Makita DGD800Z Cordless Straight Grinder
  5. The GD 0600 straight grinder from Makita

How to choose your right grinder?

Classified in the category of power tools, the straight grinder is equipped with a collet where the wheel is fixed on rod. Versatility is an undeniable asset with this tool which guarantees you precision results, especially if you manage to find a compact and ergonomic grinder, whose speeds are high and variable, and this, with satisfactory rotation speeds. So, whether you are a handyman, mechanic, engineer, sculptor, woodworking expert or welder, the right grinder will be your ally to obtain results worthy of a qualified professional. Among the criteria for choosing a straight grinder, here are those that must be checked before the final purchase of such a tool.

Ability to control speed

When working with your straight grinder, you should be able to vary the speed and control it as desired. This allows you to ensure meticulous work when you are on a delicate material that you risk destroying or overcutting.

The right angle

With the straight grinder, the rotational movement is perpendicular to the length of the tool. But today there are models of right angle grinders with an inclined head, but whose mode of operation is not the same as the old versions. So, with the purchase of your straight grinder, check that the rod supplied will be well suited to the different bits that you will have to use to fix the grinding wheels.

The type of wheel

In principle, the straight grinder works with grindstones on rod that you will choose according to the shape, the type of binder used and the hardness sought. Among the types of grindstones you will find on the market, you have classes A for the American form, W for the cylindrical form and B for any other form. For example, for an abrasive wheel which will be fixed on the right grinder, the technical information provided with the tool will tell you the type of abrasive used (corundum, silicon carbide), the grain size (from 8 to 24 for coarse grains and from 240 to 400 for very fine grains), the degree of hardness of the grinding wheel (DEFG for the most tender and XYZ for the hardest), the structure which goes from 0 to 18 and which indicates the level d ” spacing of abrasive grains,

Fixing the grinding wheel

To adhere to the straight grinder, the grinding wheel on rod is inserted and fixed at the clamp clamp placed at the end of the tool. Depending on the type of work to be done, there are several accessories that adapt to the right grinder, including brushes, discs, grindstones on rods, flap or textured wheels. Depending on the case, you can place them directly on the rod or use a grinding wheel or a clamping end to fix them. And if you are planning more complicated procedures, straight grinders are often sold with hoses and rod extenders.

Presentation of the 5 straight grinders from our selection

For maximum precision and efficiency, the straight grinder chooses to be powerful and efficient. Because you are looking for the tool that will facilitate your DIY sessions and improve the quality of your renderings, here is our selection of the 5 best straight grinders.

The Metabo GE 710 Compact straight grinder

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With a nominal power of 710 Watts, the straight grinder GE 710 from Metabo has a useful power of 430 W. The idling speed is 13,000 to 34,000 / min, against 24,000 / min for speed nominal load rotation. The compact shape of this straight grinder makes it easy to handle and the speed adapts to the type of material to be worked thanks to the integrated Vario-Constamatic (VC) electronic system.

If you ever get stuck, the engine automatically engages the electronic safety stop. In the event of a power failure, starting will never be unintentional, since there is a immobilizer protection system. For stationary use, the Metabo straight grinder has a reliable clamp that you will tighten with a precision pliers.

Supplied with 6 mm collet and 2 flat wrenchesWeight without cable: 1.4 kg



Engine dust protection system




The Bosch Professional GGS 28 C straight grinder

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A specialist in power tools, Bosch Professional is focusing on efficiency. Thus, with this model of straight grinder GGS 28 C, you can expect a powerful device of 650 Watts of power for professional use.

The tool has a constant electronic regulation system to guarantee you a stable speed of rotation, while the motor is equipped with superior quality breaking coals. Cooling takes place directly and you can perform a soft start. The straight grinder also has a side ventilation system to limit the risk of overloading for a long period of use.

Ball bearings with rubber tires to limit vibrations



Without dimmer



Double sealed bearings to avoid dust damage



Need for quality grinding wheels for a professional result



The Bosch Ggs 18 V-li Professional Solo cordless straight grinder

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Equipped with a 5 Ah battery, the Bosch G Tools 18 V-LI Professional Solo cordless straight grinder is portable. For your interventions in the difficult places of access not equipped with electrical outlet, you can very well work without worries.

The idle speed of this portable straight grinder is 22,000 rpm and the sound pressure level is 77 dB. Intended for professional use, the compact cordless straight grinder is equipped with a robust, very durable 4-pole motor.

Cordless straight grinder



Weight: 1.8 kg



Voltage: 18 V



Delivered without charger or battery



Battery powered




Makita DGD800Z Cordless Straight Grinder

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Particularly suitable for metal grinding, the Makita DGD800Z cordless straight grinder is equipped with an 18 V Li-ion battery with bare housing. The grip is facilitated with the thinned body of the machine.

For maximum robustness, the casing is made of aluminum and heat is avoided with a specific coating. To avoid overloading, the system is equipped with electronic protection with LED indicator. In order to preserve the workpiece, you have the choice between 5 clamp diameters which are 3 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm.

Cordless straight grinder



Weight: 2 kg



Ergonomic and robust



Use two flat keys to unlock the tree



The GD 0600 straight grinder from Makita

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Also serving as a manual sander, the GD 0600 straight grinder from Makita has a 63 mm case for ergonomic and easy use. Its rocker switch is located below the housing to allow you to use one hand to activate and stop the tool.

With a nominal input power of 400 Watts, the straight grinder operates with a motor which provides 25,000 rpm of no-load speed. The grinding tools must be 6 mm and you must provide vibrations of 2.5 m / s² and a noise level of 73 dB. To operate your straight grinder, you will need a power supply voltage of 230 V.


To choose the best straight grinder, we focused on ergonomics and ease of use, criteria met by the GE 710 Compact model from Metabo. In addition, all safety measures are taken, in particular the protection systems against unintentional start-up after a power failure and the electronic engine safety shutdown if there is a blockage while working.

Either way, safety precautions are essential when handling a straight grinder, and you should wear a face shield or other eye protection. Always unplug the right grinder before modifying the wick and be sure to take the pliers before each use. Above all, clean the tool well before storing it in a dry and cool place.