Top 7 Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews & Buying Guide

Cordless angle grinder is a versatile tool used for cutting, grinding, sharpening and what not. Angle grinders usually come with cord, for they need a good chunk of power to perform their roles, don’t they?

But with the advancement of technology, cordless grinders are dominating the market for their productive, portable use. So, there are numerous cordless angle grinders today lurking on the market to pick your attention.

But what if you are in a labyrinth to choose a particular grinder that suits your purpose? In such cases buddy, we have come up with some of the best cordless angle grinders and their evaluations.

We are gonna explore every twist and turn of these products in detail. Stay tuned till the end of this article.

Top 7 Best Cordless Variable Angle Grinder 

We have carefully chosen top 7 cordless angle grinders based on various factors. They are discussed hereafter.

1. Bosch GWS18V-45 Angle Grinder 

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Bosch GWS18V-45 angle grinder is an ideal tool for both DIY work and professional grinding. Its perfect combination of four-brush motors ensures potential power of grinding and cutting almost anything that comes before it. 

It comes with a solid vibration control auxiliary handle to control the machine more effectively and to get rid of any unwanted vibration. The brush design is optimised and the motor protection is perfect. 

This also offers a quick change set up in any situation. Moreover, this grinder provides protection to its users by avoiding any sudden start or accidental ending. So, it’s a safe tool to use. 


Yeah, it is of sheer significance to know about the battery of a cordless grinder. Bosch GWS18V-45 has a powerful 18V lithium-ion battery for a feasible grinding and cutting. 

What’s more, it contains a Coolpac tech to cool down the battery while grinding. It gives protection to the battery and ensures a longer battery life. And most interestingly, this grinder can work even in -4F temperature.


You can be well ensured about Bosch’s performance as it can give  a massive 10,000 no load rotation per minute (rpm). This is pretty savage, isn’t it? 

The protection of Cell and Motor also provide two times longer working ability and lifetime. And the auxiliary handle protects you from unnecessary vibration alongside giving you the opportunity to utilize the machine’s ability to the fullest.

Durable and Safe

Bosch always tries to provide machines with longevity and safety. This portable angle grinder is no difference either. It is designed for metal cutting performance without losing its durability. 

Apart from these benefits, Bosch is as safe as you can expect it to be. This one has a wheel guard to provide protection against any bursting. And the protection from any accidental restart also makes it downright safe.

For grinding any solid or metal objects this is one of the best 4 1/2 inch angle grinders, if not the best.

2. DEWALT DCG413B Max Brushless Grinder 

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Dewalt DCG413B Max Brushless Grinder is another excellent tool with longevity of motor and adequate protection. It is an Amazon best seller grinder as well. The most interesting part of this tool is its sudden stopping power. You can turn it off within 2 second or even less. 

There is a Kickback braking system in this cordless grinder that allows the rotating wheel to stop within a glimpse. The motor is brushless and it requires no brush changes whatsoever. Let’s unravel some of its distinctive features here.

E-Switch Protection

The grinder has two activation stages to trigger and start it. So there can’t be any unwanted start or disturbance from the grinder.Moreover, what’s more interesting is that it provides E-Switch Protection in case of any power or voltage failure. 

If the electricity fails, there’s a possibility of motor damage. But here, power failure will cause the tool to be turned off and you need to start over again. That may seem a bit clumsy to some, but it protects the machine.


Safety first is one of the most common expectations of any tool. This grinder provides safety in two-fold ways. First, it has an auxiliary handle to press any solid objects harder. This handle reduces the possibility of slipping or mismanagement.

Second, Kickback brake ensures stall within a split of moment. That means it can be stopped immediately in an emergency predicament. What’s more, you need to utilize two stages of starting to start this machine. There can’t be any unexpected start with DeWalt.


This is a cordless grinder and it weighs only 3.75 pounds. So it’s easy to carry and use. The auxiliary handle and the 4-½” diameter of wheel gives this tool true maneuverability and utmost utility. 

What charmed me most is its three years limited warranty. But one thing I don’t like about DeWalt is that you need to buy a battery and charger separately. From overlap assessment, it’s a grinding hound to me.

3. Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Cordless Grinder 

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Milwaukee M18 is a Napoleon of grinding. It can do the toughest of grinding, cut the most robust of solid objects, and sharpen the most stubborn of surfaces. 

It’s a beastly grinder with the ability and power of a corded one. M18 has used the most recent cordless technology. Therefore its grinding capacity and performance is prospectively higher than other grinders. 

Power and Performance 

What more can we expect from a grinder than a powerful, smooth performance? M18 is designed exactly to provide such prowess. This grinder is known to be a cordless one with corded power. 

The brushless motor provides a ten times longer lifetime and two times more run time than usual. REDLINK PLUS intelligence used in this tool gives you utmost protection and superior performance. It prevents the machine from heating as well. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Battery and Design 

Milwaukee M18 uses Redlithium XC5.0 superb battery increasing its power exponentially. The manufacturer claims that it can have 4X ergonomic and strength than any normal cordless grinder. 

And for the design, it’s quite aesthetic, I assure you. The supporting handle and the paddle-switch design ensures much of the ease while grinding. 

Tool Free Changing

The heading may be a bit misleading to many. But it’s true that you can change the accessories of this grinder without actually using any tools like wrench or similar. That increases the productivity of the work manifold. 

Apart from all these, the metal housing is pretty effective against dropping or any impact. Milwaukee is so confident about this portable grinder that they offer an incredible 5 years of hardware warranty. 

So you can rely on this grinder as you are getting a massive warranty in case something bad happens. This gives me a lot of comfort. You can try this for long-term use.

4. Porter Cable 20V Max Angle Grinder 

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In our list, Porter cable high performance grinder comes at number four. This grinder has an extraordinary comfort in handling and utilizing its prowess. 

The motor is of good quality to provide maximum performance. The handle is of three positions to provide cutting and grinding power in various positions. The spindle lock is designed specifically for smooth wheel change.


The motor of this portable grinder can give as much as 8500 revolutions per minute. It’s quite enough and effective in cutting any solid objects. The manufacturer claims it to be an aggressive tool that can cut through almost anything. The motor of Porter Cable also lasts longer than normal grinders. 

Handle and Grip: 

If you look at the handle of this machine, you shall find a slight difference. The side handle is positioned a bit ahead in comparison to other grinders. This overmolded handle provides some extra grip and the grinder can reach the unreachable places with ease.


This aggressive grinder has metal gear housing to protect the motor from overheating. Even if it does, the heat is spread to cool down the machine. The wheel changing is pretty easy and time saving, as it allows spindle lock.

These incredible features make Porter Cable 20V Angle Grinder best in business.

5. Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT Angle Grinder 

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Makita is one of the best brands of angle grinders, be it corded or cordless, based on Japanese technology. The brushless motor used in this grinder provides excellent speed and power along with longevity. 

The best part of Makita XAG20Z is its automated speed changing performance. The 18V Lithium-ion battery in this grinder ensures faster charging time and long lasting performance. Let’s know more about its trademark features here.

Variable Speed: 

It’s a remarkable feat to have this variable controlling facility in a cordless grinder. The 3000-8500 revolutions per minute is an adjustable way to match the demand and speed your work. It is known as automatic speed technology. This extraordinary feature is missing in most of the cordless grinders today. 

AFT and Electric Brake: 

Makita claims that the electric brake used in XAG20Z can turn off the wheel within 2 seconds or less. Moreover, the AFT or Active Feedback-sensing Technology is designed to call a halt to the motor if the wheel rotation is suddenly stopped ensuring utmost protection for the motor. 

Special Features: 

Star Protection technology ensures this tool maximum safety from overheating type of problems. The LED gauge here indicates the power level. What I find charming in this tool is its anti-restart protection and soft handle.

All these features along with 3 years limited warranty and affordable price make Makita a reliable grinding tool in the market.

6. CRAFTSMAN V20 Angle Grinder 

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Craftsman V20 is another powerful tool for versatile grinding and cutting. The traditional look with comfortability of use has made it quite different from other tools.


Craftsman V20 has strong motor power in it. And with the 8500 revolutions per minute makes it a real aggressive grinding machine. The gear housing ensures heat dissipation in case of elongated use. Therefore the motor is protected and uninterrupted.

Easy Control: 

The position of handle is traditional 3 positioned for better control and versatile use. The auxiliary over-molded handle provides maximum comfort. And what’s more, the tool free guard is manufactured in a way that it can provide maximum flexibility. 


This tool comes at a lower price than its rival. So it’s pretty affordable for low budgeted people as well. In addition to that, Craftsman provides lifetime warranty in certain circumstances. Therefore, it’s an ideal angle grinder for DIY jobs.

7. Ryobi ZRP421 One Plus 18V Angle Grinder

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Ryobi 18V with a 4 and 1/2 inches diameter wheel is an exquisite tool, ready to cut anything with fast and precise speed. However, it’s most effective in cutting tiles, cultured stone or similar domestic stuff. This cordless grinder provides a number of mind-boggling features.


Ryobi 18V features a convenient way of grinding and cutting. The trigger switch is ideal for easy start and simple ending. The traditional side handle helps to give some respite while working continuously. On-board wrench storing facility is another suitable feature. 

Best DIY Tool: 

This tool from Ryobi is one of the best DIY angle grinders. It has powerful 6500 revolutions per minute and high power stemmed from an 18V motor make it properly fit for day to day grinding. Though it is not recommended for extensive use. 


This angle grinder can be run by any 18V battery. Batteries are separated from the main tool and can be bought from anywhere. This means you can buy batteries when necessary. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing 

1. Fast Wheel Change

Faster wheel change is an important criteria for grinding machines. If you wanna work faster, you must need the fastest wheel changing features in your grinder. 

Fast change wheel release provides an opportunity to suit the purpose of grinding, drilling, cutting or even filing in one machine. So, just by changing wheels, you can get all in one grinder.

Expert grinders don’t need more than a minute to replace the wheel. But for inexperienced folks, it may need around five minutes to execute the change.

This disturbing wheel changing is a necessary task as wheels are prone to frequent damages. Changing process, however, depends on the type of grinders. Grinders that need tools like wrench to replace the wheel are more time consuming.

Grinders that have an X-Lock or spindle lock system or wheel snap don’t need any disturbing tools to replace the wheel. Most of today’s grinders offer this feature, especially the cordless ones.

The manual wheel change poses the danger of being over tightening or the opposite. That can cause harm to the motor or to the metal. Therefore, it is a prudent decision to buy this easily wheel changeable type of grinders.

2. Adjustable Speed Dial 

Another crucial factor to reckon with in grinders is their availability of adjustable speed dial. A constant flow of unchangeable speed is not suitable for various tasks. It can only provide you better performance in one type of job.

Grinder that can be operated at a fluctuating speed is ideal for grinding any sort of objects, be it concrete, semi-concrete, tiles or stones. With variable speed angle grinder, you can adjust the speed of your grinder according to necessity.

Many cordless grinders today are providing this feature to draw attention from their customers. The users get optimal performance and utmost utility with adjustable speed dial option. 

However, for amateur jobs and insignificant grindings, variable speed is not a mandatory feature. Though it is a highly recommended one. 

3. Powerful Motor 

Motor is one of the most crucial parts of a grinder, be it corded or cordless. The power of a motor gives the grinder solid capacity and efficiency. The more powerful motor your grinder possesses, the more service it can provide.

In recent times, brushless motors are working as a powerful energy hub for cordless grinders. It ensures a longevity of battery and smooth grinding power. Unlike wheels, motors have no friction while in job; so they are cooler and longer service providers.

One thing should be remembered here: motor capacity is highly dependent on wheel size and its use. The bigger wheels will consume and drain more energy from a motor. So, large wheels are not good for motor life expectancy.

That essentially means you should opt for a medium sized wheel, especially for DIY grinding for better motor performance. However, a wheel with a large diameter is pretty suitable for professional heavy duty work.

Brushless motors are quite a new phenomenon in the grinding world. So, their efficiency is a matter of debate to many. But most real life experiences confirm its competence. 

4. Battery Life 

As cordless grinder doesn’t get constant power supply from the original electric source, the battery becomes the most important part of this type of grinder. The higher the battery capacity, the more capable and reliable a cordless grinder becomes.

A good battery can provide relentless power for a couple of hours grinding work. Today, most of the grinders use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries as a source of power. These batteries are feasible enough to provide energy. 

Most of the grinders don’t come with batteries or chargers with the package. Moreover, these batteries are a bit expensive. So it’s a prudent step to buy a good one for long-term use. 

Most batteries are either of 18V or of 20. You should buy the compatible one that goes well with your grinder. And what’s more, it’s always advisable to have more than one battery in your bucket, in case you need constant grinding. 

So you can buy two batteries along with a charger. One thing you should notice here. Don’t buy heavy batteries if you’re not comfortable. They are not suitable for extended periods of work.

5. Speed

Speed of the grinder decides how powerfully and how fast it can cut through metal objects. Revolutions per minute is the measurement of speed in grinders. Grinders with lower RPM are not suitable for heavy duty work or to cut and grind concrete types of substances. 

Grinders with 8000 or more RPM are considered to be standard. Less than this RPM is not suitable for professional work, though may be beneficial for DIY jobs. 

However, too much speed of the wheel is not good either. Grinders with 11000 or more RPM are subject to overheating and overgrinding. It can damage the heart of the machine aka the motor. And only professionals can handle such speed with precision.

So if you are a professional worker, you can choose a speedy one. And if you want a grinder for your day-to-day home task, a medium speedy one will do. 

Another thing is recommended by experts. For newbies or unprofessional folks, grinders with variable speed control facilities are more suitable than any random one. It can adjust itself to the exact power needed for cutting.

Corded vs Cordless Angle Grinder : Which one is best? 

It is a well-known phenomenon that corded grinders will always have better grinding capacity than the cordless ones. Battery run grinders are always gonna be weaker. 

However, corded grinders have their own disadvantages. They’re not portable and they need constant power supply from a source. In cordless one, they are workable without any power source and can be utilized to the maximum level. 

Cordless grinders are advantageous in working from various angles. Therefore, corded grinders are better for long-term use, especially for professionals. But for people with DIY jobs and those who consider cords as nuisance can opt for cordless grinders. Let’s sum up the difference here:

CompetencyMore competent and powerfulLess competent and less powerful
PortabilityLess portableMore portable
Source of powerAC/DC powerBattery run
SuitabilitySuitable for long-term useManeuverable in multiple positions

Brushless vs Brushed Motor Angle Grinder: Which one should I prefer? 

Brushed and brushless motors are commonly used components in an angle grinder. Previously, brushed motors were widely used. But due to recent innovation and the compatibility of brushless motors have made them a bit outdated.

Brushed motors are usually made of carbon and they are prone to damage due to heat and friction of the machine. So frequent replacement of brushes is required, a common nuisance for professionals.

On the other hand, brushless motors produce less heat as they don’t produce much friction and they are made of magnet. They’re easy to maintain and they don’t wear out easily. So, grinders with brushless motors are better and suitable. Let’s describe the difference in a table: 

ComponentsUsually manufactured from magnetMade of Carbon or similar elements
PerformanceProvide high performanceMediocre performance
DurabilityMore durableLess durable
Friction and HeatNot much friction and Heat producedProduce enough friction and heat



Cordless angle grinders are comparatively new innovative ideas to suit various purposes today. They are becoming widely popular among common users for their portable and convenient use.

From the numerous tools on the market, we have provided you information about the 7 best cordless angle grinders. You should compare and contrast between those tools to pick up the suitable one. 

Our buying guide has given you some evaluating factors. So, make sure you choose the best one for you that goes with your demands. 

Have a safe grinding buddy. Adios!